Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a user account and password for the Genuine Parts Credit Union site?

No, you do not need a user account and password to access the Genuine Parts Credit Union site. All areas are available without any need for an account or logging in. However, if you would like online access to your credit union account, then you do need an Internet Teller Account.

What is the Internet Teller?

The Internet Teller is an internet web application that allows you to access your credit union account online using your web browser. You can check your balance, make transfers, etc.

How do I get an Internet Teller account?

You may obtain an Internet Teller account by downloading the form, filling it out, and returning it. You can find the Internet Teller Agreement form here. Internet Teller Form

What is the maximum amount I can have in my share account(s)?

The current maximum balance you may have in all share accounts combined is $250,000. The maximum deposit per calendar quarter for all share accounts combined has been waived.