Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a user name and password for the Genuine Parts Credit Union site?

A user name and password are not needed to access the Genuine Parts Credit Union site. All areas are available without any need for an account or logging in. However, if you would like online access to your credit union account you will need to set up your Online Banking account.

How do I join GPCU (credit union)?

A GPC employee (includes all USA subsidiaries) with at least 90 days of work service can sign up at GPCConnect. A minimum of five dollars must be deposited in a new member’s savings account.

What are a few benefits on joining GPCU?

We offer lower loan rates and lower service fees.  We offer higher interest rates on Savings Acoounts.  Profits earned above expenses are returned to our members in the form of higher earnings on Savings Accounts.  Credit unions have member-owners who have an equal stake in the organization represented by the $5 deposit that was required to open their Savings Account.

What is Online Banker?

Online Banker is an internet web application that allows you to access your credit union account online using your web browser. You can check your balance and make a transfer if you have more than one account. And even though we encourage our members to save we understand that sometimes members need to make a withdrawal. Online Banking is used to make withdrawals by requesting a check be mailed to your house.

How do I get an Online Banking account?

Setting up your Online Banking account for the first time is easy. Go to and click the blue box in the upper right hand corner that says Login to Online Banking.  On the next page scroll down until you see the Enroll Now box.  Click the Enroll Now box and follow the prompts.

How can I electronically transfer funds to and from my credit union account with another financial institution?

Electronic funds transfers to and from your savings account are easy to set up with another financial institution or brokerage firm.  Use your six digit account number and routing number 261072479 to get started by establishing a VERIFY transfer for easy and worry free ACH transactions.

What is the maximum amount I can have in my share account?

The maximum amount you can have in your share savings account is $250,000. If you have more than one account, for example a savings account and a checking account, the sum of the accounts cannot exceed $250,000. The maximum deposit per calendar quarter for all accounts has been waived.