Members can arrange to have their paycheck deposited directly into their GPCU account.  This eliminates the possibility of misplacing a check or trip to the Credit Union office to make a deposit.

Direct Deposit Advantages:

  • Safe – your check is protected against loss or theft.
  • Worry-free – Your check is deposited even when you are away from home.
  • Saves time – No longer need to make special trip or interoffice/mail to deposit check.
  • Convenient – Deposits automatically  made and allows you to set your own timetable for accessing your funds.

Your paycheck stub is your permanent record.  You are able to check your balance 24/7 online.


  • When you establish payroll deduction for savings, money is automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited in your savings account.  Automatic deduction is an easy way to save.  Members can start, stop or change their self-service savings deduction at any time.
  • Sign up or adjust your payroll deductions at GPCConnect.   A payroll cycle might be necessary before deductions become active.